Magny resources

Introduction to Magny

Magny is a navigation, universal search and helper for apps.
Magny helps users to learn your apps faster and in an effective manner. Additionally, users can find more features that they didn't know they existed.
Magny is also a full-text search, capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke. Its powerful API and SDK lets you quickly implements a command palette where you can search anywhere within your SaaS application.

The idea behind

You almost certainly use at least one of Linear, Github, Zoom or Notion. A critical feature those great SaaS apps is great search. The reason they have great search is because they have hundreds or thousands of people working on it full-time.
You have also identified how the search works: when you open the search panel with Cmd-K (or a related keyboard shortcut), a popup appears. You can type in almost everything you would like to see, including creating a task, adding a new team member, go to a specific menu item or switching between dark and light mode.
This is where Magny stands. Magny provides software to help you implement efficient, flexible, and insightful command palette search on your application.
Start building with Magny today. No credit card required.

What does Magny do?

Magny consists of two parts: search implementation and search analytics.
Search implementation makes it easier for your product manager and developers to create and maintain great search experiences for your users.
Search analytics enables your product and business teams to analyze the impact of those experiences and refine them.

How does Magny search data improve user experience?

Search may be seen as an enabler for the end user only, however it not only helps your business build a great experience, but helps the product team understand the pain points of the users.
When you start gathering search data, you will understand what your users search (e.g the most requested features) and what they search, but cannot find (e.g "I'm looking for Slack integration, but cannot locate it).
This way, Magny search analytics can help you achieve a big goal: Analyzing the search data and understanding what they are actually looking for, and then redesigning the user interface and improve user experience, so they can easily find what they need.
Magny lets you immediately start collecting this information on your users.

What does Magny provide for my product?

Magny provides a set of tools that simplify the process of building a command palette search experience:
  • Front-end widgets to build web and (beta) mobile search experiences
  • Integrations with popular frameworks to simplify the integration of Magny in your existing SaaS projects.
  • Typo tolerance: Handles typographical errors elegantly, out-of-the-box.
  • Extensive documentation, implementation guides, and code examples.
  • Simple integration, simple to set-up, requiring only a few lines of code.
  • Customizable user interface design that matches your brand colors perfectly.
  • Ability to provide recommendations based on the URL (page) of the application (beta).
  • Categorization: Group similar results together to increase readability.
  • Break down search results using tabbars (beta).
  • Keywords (synonyms): Define keywords as equivalents of each other, so searching for a similar word will return the intended command.
  • Seamless upgrades: Since Magny is a SaaS platform upgrading is seamless and transparent.
  • No runtime dependencies: Magny client popup code consists of JS and CSS files that you can run locally or in production with a single command.