Magny resources

What’s new?

This document explains the most current information regarding Magny updates and new features.

February 2022 Product Release

  • Implementation of document indexing and searching. We made possible to index in your documentation and search in the index. Go to Projects -> Settings and enter your help documentation / knowledgebase URL and sync. All data in your documentation will be available to the Magny command palette search bar.

December 2022 Product Release

New features help Magny teams efficiently add a command palette, categories and commands to increase the discoverability of your application. Read on below to learn more.
  • Projects menu, which includes a list of items where each project services a Magny instance. You can add as many projects as you want to serve different web applications.
  • Draggable user interface, where you can drag and drop categories and commands without hassle.
  • Updated Teams page to enable faster collaboration with your colleagues.
  • Audience: Get an overview of your users and understand their behaviours.
  • Advanced analytics where you see all deadlocks (searches with an unsuccessful outcome) and keywords (searches performed successfully), along with total opens and total users. Note that this feature is available in the Pro plan.