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Analytics helps monitor the performance of your command palette service and feature discoverability. Under analytics, you can find several insights about customer behaviour as they start using the Mangny popup:
  1. 1.
    All time number of user logins and Magny opens.
  2. 2.
    Keyword searches and general Magny usage.
  3. 3.
    Bounced searches, where user cannot find the result intended.
Keyword search and bounce search insights are available in Pro Plan.

User logins & Magny opens

Those two graph lines shows all time user logins and Magny opens.
In order to increase the popup opens, we strongly suggest a way to let the user know there is a command palette feature in your app.
You can do this by adding a search bar in your application and explicitly mentioning that it can also be initiated with Cmd-K. Upon clicking, the Magny popup should also be opened.
For a basic example, see the screenshot below. When the user clicks on the search bar, Magny widget opens.

Search keywords

The search keywords table shows all the keywords that have been entered by the user, to run a command. This table shows all the search keywords since initialization of the popup.
In the future, we are going to add a date picker so that you can focus on a time frame.


A bounce occurs when user searches for something, and then presses ESC to close Magny popup.
In this case, Magny records what was typed down in the search bar, and reports back to Magny dashboard.
When a bounce occurs, it is apparent that cannot find what is expected, and this clearly is an indicator the product manager should be working on.
When you check bounced searches, try to understand a pattern and corresponding actions in your application. People try to find something using different behaviours.
Once you identify a bounce, you are suggested to understand the issue and add relevant commands to your application via the Magny dashboard.