Magny resources

Best practices

While working with Magny, there are a few best practices you may need to consider. While you don't have to strictly follow those items, implementing them might greatly enhance your command palette experience.

What can you use Magny command palette for?

The Magny command palette can be used for one of the following:
  • Running a command: You can implement Magny so that you run a command, e.g adding a new user, viewing teams page or setting a task.
  • Jumping to a page or quick navigation: You can help user jump to a menu item in your app, e.g "go to billing".
  • Searching: You can search either within the context menu by importing your data (e.g companies, users) or directly in your documentation by indexing it.

Make sure users can find it easily

Magny command palette is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly search and navigate to various pages and features within the app, by pressing a keyboard shortcut (which is usually Cmd-K).
While implementing a command palette is useful in terms of finding/accessing features quick, it can be difficult for users to discover, as it is not immediately visible in the interface.
To improve the discoverability of the command palette, you need to make easier for users to access the feature. This could potentially making it accessible from a search bar, or other locations in the interface where it is more likely to be noticed by users.
Don't forget to make it easy to discover: By making the command palette more visible and easier to access, you'll increase its usage and make it a more integral part of the app experience.

Announce your product updates

A command palette can also be used to announce product updates. When there is an update, there are several ways to let the user know, and sometimes all those methods may not be enough to let the user know which features have been implemented in the new release.
"Recommended" section is very suitable for product updates. The main idea for this special category is to announce anything that the user would likely want to see. This also includes product updates and new feature announcements.

Add some fun

There is always some room for a smile when it comes to command palettes, too.
For example, you can always add a confetti to the app and when it is run, a confetti pops up. By default, make it hidden so your users can only find it when they type "confetti". This will give them a sense of achievement.
Another idea is "focus mode". When this mode is enabled, you may want to give your users a fresher desktop by disabling a menu or two. This is especially great for reading/writing apps.

Change the way you support users

When you implement Magny command palette, it becomes easier for the end user to find a particular feature. This means, you don't have to tell them to dig deep into the menu items, but easily show them the command palette and write the command they intend to find the corresponding action for.
As an example, let's assume that you have added the option to add