Magny resources

Indexing knowledgebase

Magny, when configured, can index your help center, documentation or knowledgebase, and then use this index to search for a word or phrase.
Currently Magny supports Docusaurus and Gitbook documentation, and we use Typesense under the hood to build the index, and create a user-friendly search system to help users find your product documentation.
If your documentation is on a platform we do not currently support, drop us a note and we'll consider it in the next minor release.

Starting with integration

The integration starts with adding the URL of your document to Magny, and let Magny index it first.
Then, enabling this integration will also trigger Magny, and your knowledgebase will be searchable within the Magny search bar.
The screenshot below shows some of the options you have:
  • Documentation URL: Once you add your documentation link (which would be the main site of your knowledgebase), and click on the reload icon, corresponding document will be fetched and indexed. You'll see a screen similar to this one:
After a few minutes, the process will end. Now, select a category to be shown on top of the search results (if you haven't done this before, go to Project --> New category and add a new one).
Now click on "Enable and actively searchable". This will tell Magny to include knowledgebase search results.
If you click on "Move to bottom", search results will be moved to the bottom of the search bar.
Now click on Save and once your document is indexed, it will be searchable in the search bar.
Note that if your URL chances, clicking on the reload icon will trigger another indexing.